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About us: manufacturer of nano-coatings
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As a spin-off of the Leibniz Institute for New Materials (INM), Nano-Care Deutschland AG has been one of the leading pioneers in the developmental and manufacturing sector for functional easy-clean Nano coatings since 2000.

As a progressive company, we are focusing on R&D - with the goal of continuous product improvement and the development of innovative new products.

Our high quality technology and fast reaction distinguishes us as a leading manufacturer of ultra-thin SiO2-based nano-coatings.

A competent team of experienced employees guarantees our international clients excellent support in sales and application of nano-coatings with an easy-clean (non-stick) effect.



In over one decade of developmental work, Nano-Care Deutschland AG has specialised in nano-coatings based on silicon dioxide. Our activity is focused exclusively on the exciting sector of nano-technology:

  • ultra-thin non-stick nano-coatings
  • highly resistant non-stick coatings
  • easy - clean nano-coatings
  • permanent hydrophobic and oleo phobic nano-coatings

...for almost any surface


Our clearly defined company structure, task distribution and powerful network enable excellent project communication- and information-flow. Special or bespoke development projects are dealt with efficiently and guarantee the greatest possible client satisfaction at the beginning of every value-added chain.

Our product development department can adapt the strength and therefore pricing to suit market requirements.

Flexibility is a key requirement for many companies these days - we put it into action.


As a leading pioneer in the development, manufacturing and marketing of ultra-thin Nano-coatings, we are setting our own perpetual goal of maximising our surface coverage via an international network over the years to come.

Our future

Nano technology is a key theme for this century - We expect that in the foreseeable future, every second product development will be influenced by nano-technology. We are helping our customers to make these possible

We also expect continuing strong growth for the next decade.

Nano-Care Deutschland AG distances herself from the colloquial term "nano-sealant" for glass, ceramic, textiles, stones and other surfaces. It was built by the market in the last 10 years and it is not correct from the technical point of view. Our nano-coatings are not sealing the surface – they protect it without impeding the breathability of the substrate.